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(re)Presenting La Brea

La Brea

I realize it’s a little lame to have two posts in a row on the same topic. I’ve done a lot of work here and the first one wasn’t very well understood, so let’s just pretend like it never happened.

I thought perhaps I can make up for it slightly by using a medium I’m not particularly accustomed to – a video slideshow thingy.

In my previous post, I described La Brea as a great development tool for when your computer is too fast. There I demonstrated a use case where I injected some calls and made stuff go slowly. I hand-waved out some “future” direction of the project and thought people would get it.

I got a lot of feedback, mostly telling me I should buy more, older computers and carry them around, or that I can’t get a meaningful test with a fault injection framework. This is clearly a failing on my part of communicating my vision.

But we’ve already established that didn’t happen, so allow me to introduce you to La Brea.

Feedback welcome.

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