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ZFS for MacOS X


So I’m a pretty heavy ZFS user. I’ve got a FreeBSD box with a ZFS root that all my important stuff is on, and a mac mini with ZFS that all my movies are on.

Around Snow Leopard, Apple seemed to have not only dropped support for it, but the download from macosforge seemed to not work, either.

I’ve been hoping someone would come around and fix this, but nothing’s happened.

Then today, I read this:

The ZFS project has been discontinued. The mailing list and
repository will also be removed shortly.

That made me very sad, so I decided to do something about it.

Github Project

I set up a mac-zfs project on github and started hacking. It didn’t take long and I was able to get to my zpool that has all of my music. (for the record, Bad Religion was my ZFS test case)


Install Me

I wanted to make it a bit easier to get going, so I created an installer.

You still need to kind of know what you’re doing to make use of it. But I’m hoping we can work together to make it easy for everybody.


We’ve got a google code page up for bug tracking and what-not and a mailing list for general discussion.

Come join us.

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