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Building Your Site Connectivity

When I started building this jekyll site, I thought it’d be nice to link to all the other places I leave junk around the internet. Rather than manually building a list, I took a bit of time to write something to do it for me using the google social graph API.

I made a simple web form to do this that generates HTML source so it can be further hand-edited if needed, but more importantly, so that I can actually paste the results into my github page and have it actually count for site connectivity.

If you don’t maintain a list of links on your own page, you may find it helpful to link to your friendfeed account.

For example, you can see how friendfeed links me. Change the username from dlsspy to yours for results that make more sense to you.

As it’s just a simple chunk of HTML, I’ve created a gist to house it for now. If you’d like to change this for the better, do it there and let me know about it.

I hope someone (else) finds this useful.

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