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twitterspy by dustin

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           make a donation at ! TwitterSpy is a supplemental XMPP bot for twitter that does the stuff the twitter one used to do, and a few things it didn't.


Tracking Topics

The most powerful feature of twitterspy is found in tracking. Tracking allows you to see when people are talking about things or people you find interesting.

In the most simple case, you can track a word by just typing in the word of interest to the track command:

track memcached

With this, whenever anyone mentions “memcached” in a tweet, you’ll receive an IM. It’s that easy.

If you get tired of hearing about a particular topic, you can untrack it with the untrack command:

untrack boring

At any point, you can get a list of topics you’re tracking with the tracks command:


Advanced Tracking

twitterspy’s track is powered by twitter search, so you can do anything here you can do there, but without having to keep browser tabs open, or even remember about all of the little things you have found interesting.

In particular, all of the search operators are supported, so if you’re interested in hearing about xmpp, but you think things I have to say about it are too boring, you can listen to only what other people have to say about it:

track zfs -from:dlsspy