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twitterspy by dustin

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           make a donation at ! TwitterSpy is a supplemental XMPP bot for twitter that does the stuff the twitter one used to do, and a few things it didn't.


Getting Started with Following

If you are logged in, you may use twitter’s follow and unfollow features as well as blocking and unblocking. Please see the introduction for more information about logging in.

Note that twitterspy will not by default show you tweets from your friends. In order to do that, you must tell it you’re interested in receiving those:

watch_friends on

If you find this traffic uninteresting, you can disable it again as follows:

watch_friends off

Following and Unfollowing Users

You can follow a user using the follow command. For example:

follow dlsspy

To stop following a user, use the leave command:

leave stupidspammer

Blocking and Unblocking Users

To block a user, use the block command:

block stupidspammer

To unblock a user, use the unblock command:

unblock notstupidspammer