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twitterspy by dustin

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           make a donation at ! TwitterSpy is a supplemental XMPP bot for twitter that does the stuff the twitter one used to do, and a few things it didn't.


Ceasing Twitterspy Traffic

Twitterspy will not send you messages at all if any one of the following is true:

Disabling Twitterspy Completely

When in doubt, the following should make all traffic stop:


Disabling Friend Watching

If it’s just friend and direct traffic you’d like to stop, the following will do it:

watch_friends off

Disabling a Specific Track

If you’re getting too many track matches from a particular topic, you can disable that topic with the untrack command:

untrack annoying topic

Disabling Part of a Specific Track

If a particular tracked topic is getting flooded by a spammer, you can recreate it with negative keywords to keep spammers/flooders away.

For example, if you’ve been tracking “github”, but don’t want to see all the commits, you can do the following:

untrack github
track github -commit