Class MultiGetsOperationCallback

  extended by net.spy.memcached.ops.MultiOperationCallback
      extended by net.spy.memcached.ops.MultiGetsOperationCallback
All Implemented Interfaces:
GetsOperation.Callback, OperationCallback

public class MultiGetsOperationCallback
extends MultiOperationCallback
implements GetsOperation.Callback

MultiOperationCallback for get operations.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
MultiGetsOperationCallback(OperationCallback original, int todo)
Method Summary
 void gotData(String key, int flags, long cas, byte[] data)
          Callback for each result from a gets.
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complete, receivedStatus
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complete, receivedStatus

Constructor Detail


public MultiGetsOperationCallback(OperationCallback original,
                                  int todo)
Method Detail


public void gotData(String key,
                    int flags,
                    long cas,
                    byte[] data)
Description copied from interface: GetsOperation.Callback
Callback for each result from a gets.

Specified by:
gotData in interface GetsOperation.Callback
key - the key that was retrieved
flags - the flags for this value
cas - the CAS value for this record
data - the data stored under this key